Web Design Tutorials

Web Design Training Classes

Web-based classes are held every Monday through Friday for those who would like to take an accredited learning course on this technical subject. The classes are organized into 45 levels, from beginner to advanced. Each section is broken down into training modules (excerpt from level 1, below):

• Website Training Module 1-A - Using a Text Editor

• Website Training Module 1-B- Basic HTML structure

• Website Training Module 1-C - Formatting Text with CSS

• Website Training Module 1-D - Using a WYSIWYG Editor

• Website Training Module 1-E - Graphics and Media in HTML

• Website Training Module 1-F - Ten Web-Publishing Dos and Don’ts

• Website Training Module 1-G - Guide to HTML Tags

• […this list is not complete]

Once a student is enrolled and all fees are paid, a schedule of study is outlined. Each module can be completed at whatever pace is most comfortable. There are no penalties for fast [or slow] completion. This instruction program is a learn-as-you-go style, and we will never put unnecessary pressure on our students! At the end of each module, when your test is submitted with a passing score, your training instructor will notify you of your status, credits received, and recommend any areas that might need work.

Upon finishing each module, the student will receive a certificate of completion and will be allowed to move on to the next web training module.