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Train Online with Online Web Design Courses!

Learning can be tough. Trying to cover a subject in depth and make progress in between all the other daily activities is a challenging process these days!

Committing to a high-tech, technical education can be just a little easier by using Learnwize - the "Learn-as-you-go" Web Design tutorial website!

Here, you will get to consult with a real webmaster, who is up to date with all the current topics and practices. You can ask questions, and get real answers. (You may even learn a shortcut or two)

Technical Education

We are big fans of all the leaning/tutorial websites out there today. Do a search and you'll stumble across at least a dozen or more, but we are glad you came here. We provide links to all kinds of web resources which will educate and assist you in your online endeavors.

  • Javascript for Web Designers
  • jQuery for Web Designers
  • Foundations of UX: Content Strategy
  • JavaScript: Enhancing the DOM
  • Accessibility for WordPress
  • Productivity Tips for Web Designers
  • WordPress Ecommerce
  • Working with HTML5
  • Making sense of CSS
  • Uploading Photos
  • Web Design Essential Training
  • HTML Structured Data
  • Creating a Website with Dreamweaver
  • Up and Running with FTP
  • …and many more courses modules to choose from!